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Vision, Mission and Corporate Philosophy 

By promoting the construction of a healthy working environment, we shall achieve a prosperous society. Those who wake up joyful, have a healthy physique, spend time with loved ones and pets, grow as individuals, and so on. People seek diverse sorts of happiness, but we believe that we would prefer to spend more time when my heart is full. At the same time, people are choosing to work as a means of survival rather than living to work. And our administrators feel that if we can enhance our work time, which takes up a substantial proportion of our lives, we will be closer to living a happy life and can make the lives of our buyers improved through our solutions like Mother Coat.


It cannot be expressed categorically because every company has different values, but firms and individuals engaged with our organisation may assist companies develop workplaces that address employee wellness, design systems, and discover workplaces that make them happy. Listed below are some of the values of our company:

  • Be skeptical of reality and seek out the essence of things.
  • Work with a sense of ownership at all times.
  • Put an emphasis on independence, self-propulsion, and speed.
  • Respect your co-workers and cherish teamwork by always being conscious of your mission and challenging things.
  • Encourage employees to improve their health.

Strong Point- Recruitment Consulting Strength

We will make the best proposals possible, taking full advantage of Tokyo local achievements and trends. It is not the end of the process of planning or developing a website. We will concentrate on the return on the investment and provide execution assistance, so in the end, we will help you get the same outcome even if you do it yourself. Our aim has been to reach thousands of customers and provide them with the best quality consultation and services like Mother Coat.


Personnel Consulting: Personnel jobs include system design, teaching, and operation, to name a few. I get the idea that there are many enterprises among them that are unable to operate owing to a lack of resources. There are some things that only workers can do, but it is much easier to move forward with improvements when outsiders are involved. Personnel consultancy will provide expert support for such challenged personnel departments' responsibilities.
Recruitment Consulting: Depending on the industry, vocation, skill, and geography, several recruitment strategies are used. Building from the ground up in-house requires time and effort, but it also means missing out on commercial prospects. In order to avoid opportunity loss, recruitment consulting offers different cost-effective assistance with recruitment approaches that are appropriate for the firm.
Engineering Business: We recommend that software planning, design, and development be developed in a consistent manner from upstream to downstream affirmation.  Please contact us for infrastructure building help, such as server / network design / building / operation / maintenance, regardless of software development. In a variety of circumstances when IT human resources are needed to solve challenges, we will give full help.
HR Partner: Are you dissatisfied with your human resources department or have a nagging fear of people, but you're scared all alone you do not know what to do? HR Partner is a third-party solution that compensates for a lack of experience. He enters the organisation as the president's right hand and leads problem solutions by making internal changes, reports, and, in some situations, upgrades.

Flow After Inquiry

Hearing Of Troubles (Free): First and foremost, please tell us all about your present difficulties. After that, please let us know what you'll need to do for planning purposes.
Planning (free): The proposal will take around two weeks to finish (general assistance contents and schedule).
Free Suggestion: I will explain the plan. Please let us know if you have any concerns or would prefer alternate support content.
Start (charged): We will help you carry out the ultimate strategy. We will react flexibly to changes in the plan along the route as a result of the rubbing.
Execution Decision: Please make an assessment on the contract.